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Thursday, October 29, 2009


bad mummy

Because my car (2001 Toyota Echo) has only a tape deck, I've picked up some cassettes (yes, cassettes) from thrift stores to play on our road trips.

My 4-yr old's favorites? REM. Porno for Pyros. Arrested Development.

It's like driving thru the 90s. Even when she sings along to Superman.


Oh, early REM, I have missed you so, with your jangly guitars and your supershy mealymouthed singer, so brilliant and so misunderstood...

I don't think I ever caught the name of Gardening at Night. I thought it was one I'd missed somewhere, until I played it and realized it was the "God is in His House" tune. (although this was a different version than I'm used to. Still, heheheh on me. And Micheal S., too.)

Tia G

Very cute post! I love reading your stuff!

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