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Friday, October 23, 2009



We are all busy tying knots and hanging on these days. The scenarios wherein we feel inadequate, out numbered and out gunned are just different. I will say this, however, having grown up with a mother who, and I am not making this up, would say to me before the empty coke bottle hit the table/floor/wherever, "Rinse that out and put it in the pantry!", your kids will have a much better memory of their childhood. If that matters at all, and I, for one, think it does. And, someday, some.day, they might be gone and take their litter with them.


You make me feel so normal!

I just had this conversation with the 12 year old girl child two days ago. Me, very calm, almost scary calm: “If you don’t start turning out the lights when you leave a room, I am going to freakin’ lose it and yell at you until you do. Okay?” Her: “I forget!” Me: “Well, start remembering. I love you.”

And the homework thing! I totally get it now! I ask daily, and daily, she says “Nope. Don’t have any.” Then I check The Source, a wonderful tool here that lets us look at our kids grades and attendance. She has Ds in Homework. After showing her this, she says, “Oh. Maybe I’m not turning it in?” Ya think? I told her I’ll quit asking about it once I see As in Homework.

Tia G

Great post! I'm glad to see someone else is in disarray!

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