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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Shoebox Princess

Beautifully and wisely said. It's the little things, the everyday things, the seemingly not important things that shape our characters. It's how we choose to deal with the circumstances we face that shape us.


Fabulous. You are such a wonderful writer. You have articulated well a very complex idea. I think that sometimes when a person is fighting for change they can overstate things in order to make a point. Or their views become very narrow because they have been fighting toward a goal for a very long time. It is good when others can gently remind them that there is a whole world out there and sometimes words meant to empower can tear down.


Thanks Shoebox Princess & Marsha :)

So true, both of your comments. It's how we deal so much more often than it is what we have to deal with. And? People really do go off the deep end when they are so passionately committed to getting their views out into the world. Myself definitely included. heh


Thanks for thinking of those who are mothering, but have never given birth. I’m a new parent (1 year in) to a healthy, normal ol’ 12 year old girl and 15 year old boy with special needs. I’m still trying to figure out how mothering shapes my life. Right now, it just feels taxing. But watching my daughter learn to tie a necktie over the course of an afternoon, then proudly displaying the finished (and darn near perfect) product made me tear up. And having my son, who doesn’t know how to communicate so he just fights with us, walk over to where I was to give me a hug goodnight made me smile so hard my cheeks hurt. I think these are the moments that mothers, and fathers, live for. Despite how taxing and difficult it is.


Hi Raechelle,
Congratulations on your recent parenthood :)

I'd like to introduce you to my good friend, Shannon, if you don't already read her blog http://www.squidalicious.com/ She also blogs about parenting kids with special needs on blogher.com http://www.blogher.com/blog/Shannon-Des-Roches-Rosa

sweetsalty kate

This was so, so good. "I looked at my monitor like it just sprouted a tongue and licked my nose." Yeah! Just like that. I read more of her blog and was utterly beside myself. "Homebirth is the gold standard of motherhood" was another doozy. It went on and on.

The thing that I find sad is that with rhetoric such as this, midwifery demotes itself to the fringe. That's a damn shame for women who could use an alternate source of support. I reached out for that support prior to the birth of the twins, looking for ways to come to terms with a much higher chance of a section, and they sent me an article crowing about c-sections being bloody, cutting, violent gorefests. I stepped back. Way back. Adaptability and calm, reasoned thinking was the most important thing, for me. Still is.

You wrapped this up so beautifully. We are all so, so much more than birth. I loved this post.


Wow. Thank you, Kate! I still don't think I said what I was feeling quite the way I wanted to, but I get all fired up and, well, oh well.

I am SO looking forward to the day your book arrives on my doorstep.

Elisa Camahort Page

JeniJen, we loved this post so much we named it BlogHer of the Week!

Elisa, on behalf of Elisa, Jory and Lisa



Incredibly well put. I felt guilty for years for having two c-sections and not doing it "right". Little did I know that there would be so many more important things to get right that bringing them into the world, whatever way, was a tiny drop in the bucket of motherhood.


I am new to your blog, and would like to thank you for this post. There is so much unnecessary guilt surrounding pregnancy and childbirth.

Tia G

Wow! Congrats on the BlogHer Blog of the week!

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