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Friday, September 04, 2009



that makes me love SG even more.

and dude - you have to drink at least one pina colada for me. with a very pretty umbrella.

Jill Pilgrim

Oh dude! No fun at all!!


RIP OFF! If I had known there was ice cream in the works, I would have stayed.........


Damn. My dead itches now.


We had those little buggers last year; fortunately during the summer so we didn't have to wash coats, hats and scarves along with everything else. I feel for you.

I read somewhere that a spray of half water and half white vinegar can help loosen them. I had my daughter lie on the bathroom counter while I washed her hair, and then I combed for an hour, spritzing frequently with watered down vinegar, while we listened to Harry Potter on CD. It seemed to make the combing easier, and the cool spray was soothing.

I blame Libby Lu for the infestation.

Melissa Shouse

All my kids are grown now but I remember going through the same process at least 10 times.Not only does it hit you in the pocketbook it takes many,many man hours.Ugg I feel your pain.


Oh, ack. I had my first head lice experience in my first year of motherhood (of two teenagers). It just kept going back and forth between the kids.

There's a commercial on the radio for HD somethingerother. It starts out "It is infinite....like head lice..." and I crack up every time. Because it's true.

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