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Thursday, September 17, 2009


bad mummy

Oh, so beautiful.

I've got several collections of beach glass/rocks (in fact, I forgot about a collection that was stashed away in a backpack pocket...found it today!) and I'm planning on making these from our various collections: http://kidsnaturespot.blogspot.com/2009/07/beach-collage.html

bad mummy

Seriously. Very beautiful. (in case I came across sarcastic)


yeah, but "snorkeling at Ahihi"? destined to become one of the best euphemisms EVER :D


So, the heartshaped beachglass? Yeah, you have to find someone to make that into a piece of jewelry and wear it always.


e - Mwahahahaa!

bad mummy - Thanks for the comment! I'm not sure what to do with mine. The pieces are much smaller than they look in the photos. I might make a necklace or ring from the heart-shaped piece, though. (actually, have it made. not a jeweler, unfortunately!)

David and Lin OdysseySeaGlass

It looks like you have found some nice pieces! We miss Hawaii...

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