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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Amy Jensen

what no hair net? JJ glad that she is alright....maybe they can sign her sling?

Jill Pilgrim

Yes, I would like a corndog.

And she is adorable.


Oh, the public. They are too much.

Glad Sophies arm is actually quite fine. Oh the drama... My littlest one dove off a barstool the other day. The blood from her head wound not worthy of stitches made me take her to urgent care. She was fine... but will prolly pay $200 buck for that diagnosis.

BUT, how much more fun are our stories because of our little people!


Oh! The Will To Live is a most excellent reason for just about everything.

The Redheaded Lefty

Hay-zoos. This is so incredibly over the top, I don't even know what to say. And it happens to us all, I say. She's the cutest corn dog lady ever.


I'm working that in some more, now, moving forward: Oh, nothing, just the will to live.

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