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Friday, June 19, 2009



"quinoa with chicken apple sausage, bell peppers - orange, yellow, red, and spinach"

i made almost the same thing, but i call it hotdogs and mac n' cheese, it's like we're related


We are totally related. Can you loan me a hundred bux?

Miss Grace

I yell sometimes. And even while I'm doing it, I know I shouldn't be.


We all slip and yell sometimes. I think we start to tune eachother out, and yelling reminds us to take eachother seriously. Or maybe I'm full of shit. :) Either way, it's okay to forgive yourself if you yell occasionally. You all love eachother, you're not scared of each other. No damage done. :)


Thanks Grace and Kellee -- I know sometimes is normal (for most people) but I *hate* that I made Willow so sad. I'm supposed to be the one person who never does that to her, you know?

(I think I am a little on the hormonal side at the moment. Make that a lot, an extra lot.)


So I'm not the only one? Really? You promise?


I pinky swear -- you are not!

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