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Thursday, June 11, 2009



This is the first time I've ever wished I'd done home births. Thanks for posting. I love birth stories!


i've read versions of Sophie's birth story before, and it's always beautiful. thank you for sharing it.

Lisa Stone

I'm with St/Vegas710. I cannot imagine feeling so empowered. Bravo, I think you are my idol. And I can totally picture your mom laughing.

What did the boys do when they woke up to their baby sister? :)


Amazing story, Jen. Just amazing.


Thanks, everyone!

Lisa, I ended up editing out the part about the boys. Their dad picked them up just before Sophie was born, and they came back home around lunchtime. They were smitten! (Too bad some of that has since worn off)


I am always a twinge jealous of those who get such lovely birth stories. With my kidney disorder, I had to be highly monitored and, at various points in time, my life was in question. It really wasn't great.

I am so glad that people like you not only experience such beauty but share such a thing so that a) people know it can happen and b) I can live through you!


Found your blog from Discovery Health and I love how you write! Wow what a birth... 3 hours, that seems very fortunate... and it definitely must have been nice to not have to deal with hospital noises. Although I have to admit, I'm a bit disappointed you didn't get to be in the birthing tub, I've always wondered what that's like! :o)

Juli Ryan

We tried for a home birth, but ended up in hospital when labour didn't progress. Jealous of your three hours!


That's exactly the way I felt after I had my third, unintentionally in the car. I felt like Superwoman. Strong. Amazing. Empowered.


What a fabulous story to tell each and every year.


Thanks for sharing Sophie's birth story. I have four babes too, 8,7,5 and almost 2. The third was born in hospital with my doctor in the hallway and the nurse on the other side of the room. My husband caught her. When I found out I was pregnant with the fourth I couldn't imagine doing it that way again and also opted to home birth. It did change my life. It made me feel strong and beautiful and capable which is how a woman coming into parenthood should feel instead of the debilitation that seemed to occur in the hospital. Thanks for sharing!

crockpot lady

jen, this is absolutely beautiful. I love it.

xoxo steph


I am usually a lurker but I have to comment. I love reading homebirth stories! Yours is beautiful and touching. I have had two unassisted childbirths at home and the experience is amazing. Thank you for sharing yours!

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