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Thursday, May 07, 2009



I'm impressed! And amazed to discover girl scouts still make situpons.

Jen, would you send me a link to your Mum's blog, please. I so enjoyed meeting her at Woolfcamp and would love to keep in touch, if only in a bloggy way.


Ahhh!! Really brings back memories. Sounds like a great w/e even without the tequila, lol. This is one of the rare things that makes me wish I was a Mom....would really love to be able to go back to Girl Scout Camp.


Lin ~ sending right now. Was so very good to see you.

IslandSoul ~ you can still go and be a leader/volunteer :)


I do NOT camp in any place that does not have a SHOWER. You get a 'THOROUGHLY GOOD SPORT' badge for your little vest. i'm a big fan, however, of ferns, forests and FAIRIES! Hooray for fairies. I'd say it in my blog post, but the whole time I was whacking the roses, I was worrying that I was making fairies homeless! I know, I know. And, you, the one laughing? SHUT UP!


That is so fabulous that they accommodated you and those girls with gluten free food. Gives me hope.


This makes me miss camping. I enjoyed being a Brownie leader, and I enjoyed taking my students to camp for many years. There's something special about living in the woods for a few days.

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