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Friday, April 17, 2009



you know who has two thumbs and loves trader joe?

this guy


Your children are perfect. All of them, even in these moments. And you just did the best mom thing ever, not disagreeing with her, degrading her, calling her a liar. just giving her a chance to make everything better before moving on. She'll remember.


Sophie calling the shots = duck and cover! Seriously, I agree with you and I'm so grateful she's yours and not mine. Beautiful photo of the shells. Really. It's peaceful and lovely.

Miss Grace

I have this theory that the things that make the most absolutely difficult children turn out to be the characteristics that make incredibly successful adults.


Reading about a real moment like this is why I love the Internet and why I love blogging/bloggers. You describe the moment so well, so *real.* Your empathy for your daughter's loss is admirable. Your insistence that she take responsibility for the loss (and therefore, the lie she told) is equally admirable, and you managed to do it in such a positive way. Go, Momma, go!

Sarah @ This Heavenly Life

That was wonderful! I feel the same way about my 3 year old, Mia. She's definitely going to let people know how she feels about things. And while that's hard to live with in a toddler, my hope is that with guidance and, um, channeling of that trait, she'll grow into a strong and confident adult. Who won't be pushed around. Well written, and just what I needed to see today. Thanks!

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