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Friday, April 10, 2009



Maybe the piano people are wrong. People often are. You hold on to that dream, sister.


There's an Etsy seller that makes journals with recycled wood covers. They're really beautiful. Maybe something like that?


we had an old (beautiful, but really musically-shot) piano when i was a kid. once we accepted the fact that the sound board was irreparable, my parents took all the keys/hammers/etc out of the piano, and put a full sized electric keyboard where the keys had been. it made such a functional instrument and beautiful piece of furniture that way!

once we finally got a new piano, we used a portion of the piano-top as a mantel over the fireplace.


my piano man said the same about mine but fixed it well enough (for less than $300) for us to play.

also, he turns a lot of old pianos into booze cupboards. and if anyone needs a kick-ass booze cupboard it would be you, my dear friend.


Jen, the photos are beautiful! I appreciate you letting it live in your garage these last few years. I didn't have the heart to send it to the dump. If it could just tell us its story..............

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