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Monday, April 27, 2009



Beautiful post Mom,

ALERT…do you still consider your children to be YOURS.

Most of us are not aware that a threat to our parental rights is close to being ratified in the U.N. under an International Treaty Law. The whole story is too complex to post in forums. Suffice it to say that you will no longer be in charge of your children’s education, discipline and more. I urge you NOT to ignore this. Please check it out here:


And PLEASE share this info too.


orange bandanas promote positive chi


I'm going to make an entire outfit of them, then. Thanks!


Hi Sue,

If what you are promoting with your spam comment is what it looks like, (let's fight for the right to hit our kids and force them to go to church) then I'm squarely against you.

Parents shouldn't hit kids, just like bosses shouldn't hit employees and spouses shouldn't hit each other. And, DUDE, I'm a Unitarian Universalist -- OF COURSE I want my children to chose the religion (or not) that fits best with their idea of the universe.

Thanks for stopping by!


Mais, mais, mais oui!


I just read this story (most of it) to my six year old boy. he is a bit grossed out, but now he wants to go fishing and catch dinner.

thanks for the great tales of adventure!

(and I would totally be hiding in my bed under a pillow. actually no, i'd be hovering obsessively over the amateur knife skills.)

lil sister

first: eww. second: the french student inside me must point out that "mes" means "my" plural, i.e. mes chiens = my dogs. "mais" means "but" and i think that's the one you probably intended :) au revoir!

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