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Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Miss Grace

When I was seven my GATE class had an inventors contest, and I invented SMARTSOX, which have a button at the top of the cuff so you can button them together before they go in the wash.

I feel it should be noted I did NOT win. The girl whose mom did all of her projects for her won. She had a better presentation.


It is indeed the little things. Get a timer, set it for fifteen minutes, and concentrate on one room. When the timer dings, take a break. You'll be surprised and amazed (lawd knows I was).

I wish I were there so I could hug you and match your socks and ignore my own.


That sock idea is bloody BRILLIANT.

Stay strong! Don't let the socks get you down! They can be such sneaky little buggers. ;)


Sending hugs.

I can remember people having nervous breakdowns, now I am wondering what it is called nowdays?


I just buy the same for all. xo


I do the same thing with my socks but after I put them on. I fall down a lot.

SD's Husband

I've actually talked about socks to my shrinky once. That is all.

Musings from me

I'm with you odd socks are the curse of the devil. One birght spot...summer is coming and for us that means no socks except for sports socks. Yay bare feet, yay smelly shoes, yay no socks.


OMG... I have three laundry baskets filled with socks. If I could just keep the socks together I would have a completely different life. I think I will pose this to my husband again (I suggested it once before) and see if it is worth his time to avoid the heavy sighing which is Monday morning when he needs black socks.
Thank you for being just as crazy as I am.


Socks are the always the straw in the back breaking. The safety pin idea is genius!


I vow not to allow odd socks cause my mental breakdown. Gonna try the safety pin...genius.

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