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Friday, August 04, 2006



I *just read* that article -- people are seriously off their rockers. OH MY GAWD, PEOPLE ACTUALLY USING BREASTS FOR WHAT THEY ARE DESIGNED TO DO!


It really is amazing what the world will tolerate. We have billboards with mostly nekkid women on them looking like they just finished giving a blow job in order to sell booze. But a lovely picture of a baby breastfeeding is obscene. The look on that baby's face is so sweet.

What a world.


*running off to scan nursing photos now*



I just couldn't get over the comments by people who were actually at that moment nursing themselves. Mindboggling.


Uh, and by "nursing themselves," I mean "were, themselves, nursing children."

Sheesh. I'm only a little illiterate, I swear.


I wrote about this same thing today, Jen. What the hell is wrong with people?

I'm with you, let's start nursing our toddlers again and walk around topless doing it ;-)


You are so pretty! And I bet you have a lot of photos after nursing for ten years, momma!

I only have a couple photos around somewhere. I think it's a beautiful sight.


I sucked at nursing (bwah ha ha), but I totally support those who choose (and can) do it. Also - isn't a baby magazine supposed to be about feeding? I don't get the issue. Britney's frickin' naked on an upcoming magazine cover,and I bet nobody will care, not even the fathers with the coffee tables.


This was a topic of conversation at work the other day. One woman replied it was "gross" to breastfeed and she preferred to feed her children formula. I was stunned! I wanted to ask her if the 12 0z. carton of milk she was drinking while eating her bran muffin, was in the same "gross" category, being it was from a cows breast!

What is wrong with people, especially women who think this is disgusting and GROSS?!?!

Plain Jane Mom

I think that cover is beautiful, and thanks for sharing your photos! I feel sad for the people who are so uncomfortable with their own bodies to think that something as wonderful as nursing is "gross."


I wrote about this too!


It was so great to meet you at BlogHer, even if only for a couple minutes.

jenny r

When is this attitude going to go away?? What does it take? An "awareness campaign" by celebrities? Maybe that lady Angelina can get involved! Yeah! I could tell stories about how supportive natives of Mexico have been right around here on the city bus, you know? They're all like, the baby's hungry so feed her (only not in English)! Men AND Women. Why the shame?


Thanks for the great post and pictures. I found you via Chris from "Trenches..." I nursed my two babies and would jump at the chance to be a 'lactivist' and get in people's faces and raise awareness of breastfeeding. How someone could think breastfeeding was gross and yet think feeding baby some powdered manufactured stuff is more acceptable is beyond me!!!


I like the second one -- nursing the baby while playing with the older one. It sums up so much of what Moms do! Thanks for posting. found you through Chris at Trenches.


Beautiful just beautiful.

Thanks for sharing.

Mary Tsao

Great photos!!! I'm gonna go find mine.

yesterday, I took a picture of my friend nursing and I know that one day she's really going to appreciate it. Breastfeeding shots are ones I wish I had more of, ya know?


Amen, sister. I posted my picture on my website.


Beautiful pictures. Right On!

Erica Corbin

Good for you putting those pics up. Iwent to breastfeed my baby once in public and you would have thought I pulled out a gun to shoot someone. Thanks for standing up for womankind.

Jeff Bohrer

I'm with you, breasts are great. Naked breasts are great, clothed breasts are great....big, small, saggy, perky, nursing or otherwise the world does need more breasts. I for one think it's a great idea to go around topless, and I encourage women everywhere to follow your lead.

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